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Living A Mother Alphabet Activity Kit

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What’s in the box?

Alphabet Activity Sheet – 74 pages
Alphabet Tissue – 28 pieces
Accessories Box – 1 piece
Red, Blue & Green coloured rice – handful
Pencil – 1 piece
Eraser – 1 piece
Sharpener – 1 piece
Scissor – 1 piece
Glue – 1 piece
Pencil Colour – 12 pieces
Water Colour – 2 pieces
Cotton Bud – 10 pieces

Who can use this activity box?

This activity box is designed to help toddlers and preschoolers learn about Capital Letters in the English language. It is highly recommended that parents, guardians and/or older siblings engage with the child to have a fun time at home.

What activities can be done with this box?

There are two types of activities that can be done with this box.

Alphabet Activity Sheets: These will help your child learn alphabets and write them.

There are 74 total activities that a child can do with these activity sheets. Each activity sheet has the instructions written on top of the sheet. The accessory box has the tools needed for completing each instructions. The activities are designed in such manner that your child will have fun tracing, writing, learning, colouring as well cutting and pasting. The coloured rice will be needed for the activity along with the pencil colours, poster colours, cotton buds, scissor, glue and pencil.

Caution: The colours used colour the rice are food colours, so it’s safe in case your child puts any in their mouth. However, stay cautious so that the rice doesn’t go into their ears or nose or eyes.

Number Tissues: This is a group activity with your child. Take a low-depth bowl or a tray and place clean water in it to make about 1inch depth.

Take one tissue (make sure it stays folded like how it is in the box) and place it on the water. Once the tissue submerges, you will see that an image appears magically on the tissue beside the letter. Make sure your child does as much of the activity tasks as possible. Ask your child to say what the image is and what alphabet it starts with.

Caution: Please make sure your child doesn’t drink the water where you submerge the tissues.


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