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Nan-1 Pro Infant Formula Milk Powder 0-6 month 800gm

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Probiotic Formula: Nan 1 formula features probiotic L. Reuteri that supports digestive health.

Give Your Baby A Good Start: Nan 1 Infant Formula features prebiotics, probiotics, DHA, iron, Vitamin & minerals.

Nutrition For Growing: Like your baby, we’re always growing & learning. More than ever we’re committed to being your partner in parenthood with quality ingredients, nutritious food & expert guidance.

Gentle Nutrition: Modeled after the complete nutrition & gentleness of breastmilk, this formula offers soothing nutrition for babies up to 12 months. Comfort for your baby means happiness for all!.

Allergen information: Apple Free.

Nan Pro 1 is a spray dried Infant Formula with DHA ARA for infants from birth when they are not breastfed.

Nan Pro 1 contains DHA- DHA supports baby’s normal brain development.

Contains Whey Protein along with Vitamin A, C, D, Iron and Zinc. Tin format with see clear lid and easy scoop ensures enhanced safety, hygiene and convenience


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